Exhibitor Services
To make the visit and stay at HGH India July 2024 comfortable and convenient for exhibitors and visitors, the organisers have created several facilities, which can be used before and during the trade show. All registered exhibitors and visitors can use these services, many of them, free of cost.

Business Centre

A Business Centre has been created inside Hall 1 where exhibitors and visitors can avail of facilities like computer, internet, document printing, business cards printing, scanning, fax and stationary purchase etc.

These services will be available during the trade show days (July 2nd – 5th, 2024) from 09:00 am - 06:30 pm on chargeable basis.

Car Hire

Exhibitors and visitors can hire a variety of economy and luxury cars with drivers from the official travel agents Tamarind Global Services Pvt Ltd for the entire duration or any of the days of HGH India. lf you wish to retain the vehicle for all 4 trade show days, please indicate to the travel agent in advance so that your vehicle can be reserved accordingly. It may be advisable, especially for the outstation exhibitors, to keep at least one car hired throughout the exhibition days. However, choice is entirely yours.

For all details and bookings please contact or for booking Click Here

Tamarind Global Services Pvt Ltd
401, AJ House,
Marol Maroshi Road,
Andheri East, Mumbai 400059.
Mr. Hemant Karande
Mob.: +91 96 194 69181
Tel: +91-22-66802566
E-mail: travel.hghindia@tamarindglobal.com


Exhibitors desirous of ordering snacks and food for their booth or wish to organise lunch/dinner/high tea for their customers or their staff either as a gathering or by way of service at their booth, can do so by getting in touch with Bombay Exhibition Centre. No cooking on live fire and is permitted in the booth. Bombay Exhibition Centre has made it mandatory to source all supply of food and catering within the entire premises through their food and hospitality division. No outside food is allowed in the exhibition centre. Exhibitors are requested to follow all rules in this regard to avoid later inconvenience by the venue providers.

For supply of food you can contact:

Bombay Exhibition Centre
Ms. Busra Kalimi,
Bombay Exhibition Centre
Mobile No: +91 95617 21912.

Courier Services

Courier services for exhibitors and visitors will be located in the services area near the Visitor Registration Desks. You can send or receive courier packets through the Designated Courier Desk.

Dedicated Internet Connection Service:

Exhibitors can avail a dedicated internet connection/ LAN internet connection at your booth on chargeable basis. To reserve your LAN internet connection, please email your bandwidth requirement for the period July 2nd – 5th, 2024.

Kindly send your requirement latest by 29th June, 2024. Please note it will not be possible to fulfil any request post the mentioned date due to technical reason. To know more about internet requirement at booth, please contact:

Mr. Sahil Tikkam
HGH lndia Team
Mob.: +91 99676 00879
Tel.: +91 (22) 6997 1122


All exhibitors with Raw Space are required to compulsorily order for electricity connection and power consumption for their booth, depending on their individual requirement. Slab-wise options and cost thereof is mentioned in Order Form No. 8 - Electricity Connection.

Exhibitors with Built-up booths will automatically get a single phase electricity connection and power supply according to their booth size as mentioned in the Built-up Booth package details, which mentioned in the Booth Construction Guideline of Built-up Booth. If you propose to install gadgets/lights which need three phase connection and are likely to consume more power than allocated in your build-up booth, you need to order for additional three phase connection and power supply by paying same charges as applicable for Raw Space exhibitors, which are listed in Order Form No. 8 - Electricity Connection. Please order your electricity requirement online latest by 17th November, 2023 by using Order Form No. 8 - Electricity Connection.

Please note that final billing for electricity for both Raw Space and Built-up booths will be based on actual power consumption, as certified by our electrical inspectors who will visit your booth during the trade show on 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th July, 2024 If your actual consumption turns out to be more than what you have ordered, you will have to pay the extra applicable electricity charges onsite immediately to avoid disconnection.


  1. Electricity order for all exhibitors with raw space is mandatory. Otherwise the exhibitor will not get any electricity connection at their booth for construction as well as show days.
  2. Exhibitors must choose from any of the consumption options mentioned in the Order Form No. 8 - Electricity Connection..
  3. Charges would be flat for the electricity supply type & consumption ordered for.
  4. Built-up booth exhibitors will get only 230 V single phase power as part of standard fittings. All exhibitors requiring three phase power connection must order for the same.
  5. Any device need three phase connection will not be allowed to be run on single phase connection.

Empty Package Storage Area

Empty packages in which exhibitors bring their display materials or goods must be stored either in their own booth or designated area for empty packages. Such storage facility for empty packages is provided entirely at exhibitors' own risk. Exhibitor Services Desk at HGH India will guide you to the exact location of empty packages storage area. Under no circumstances, exhibitors are allowed to leave/store any kind of empty packages or disposed material in the aisles or any other area of the trade show. lf any such packages are found, they will be removed and destroyed by the organisers and cost for such removal will have to be paid by the exhibitor concerned.

Extra Furniture & Fittings

Exhibitors can order additional furniture, lights, fittings and utilities for their booth in advance using Order Form NO. 06 - Additional Stand Fittings and Furniture / Display Systems. Last date for advance orders is 12th June, 2024. Please note that, if not ordered before the last date, 50% higher charges will be applicable after the last date and spot orders at the venue and supplies will be made subject to availability.

For any assistance, please contact:

Mr. Fateh Baig
HGH India Team
Mob: +91 99 676 09993
Tel.: +91 (22) 6997 1122
E-mail: exhibitorservices@hghindia.com

Freight Forwarding & Clearing

To make movement and shipping of exhibits and display materials to and from the venue convenient, HGH India has appointed R.E Logistics as the official freight forwarding and clearing agents for HGH India July 2024. The agency will handle both domestic and international freights and onsite services as well. Their services include all inward and outward door to door cargo handling, custom clearance, octroi clearance, transporting goods between road/sea/air ports and the venue. They will also provide logistics facilities and services towards moving of goods within the trade show premises and the hall at charges specified in Service Charges for Freight Forwarding and Clearing Services.

For any assistance, please contact:

R. E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Damodar Shenoy, +91 99 201 08787 damodar@rogersworldwideindia.com
Mr. Dinesh Tambe, +91 98 333 89595 dinesht@rogersworldwideindia.com
510 / 511, Midas, Sahar Plaza Complex, M. V. Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400 059, India,
Tel: +91(22) 2820 3845 +91 (22) 3088 0309 Direct: +91(22) 3088 0315

Hotel & Accommodations

HGH India has negotiated discounted rates with a variety of business, luxury and budget hotels from where Bombay Exhibition Centre, the venue for HGH India July 2024 is conveniently accessible. For this click on the tab Travel on our website www.hghindia.com. In this tab, registered exhibitors and visitors of HGH India July 2024 can find hotels' profiles, star rating, availability, prices, services offered, distance from the venue and such information by using their login id and password after clicking on the link Travel & Stay. You can book your hotel directly through HGH India official travel agents, Tamarind Global Services Pvt Ltd and can also avail of special discounted rates and other facilities.

For all details and bookings please contact or for booking Click Here

Tamarind Global Services Pvt Ltd
401, AJ House,
Marol Maroshi Road,
Andheri East, Mumbai 400059.
Mr. Hemant Karande
Mob.: +91 96 194 69181
Tel: +91-22-66802566
E-mail: travel.hghindia@tamarindglobal.com

Left Luggage

For the convenience of visitors and exhibitors, HGH India has created Left luggage facilities near the Visitor Registration Visitors and exhibitors can avail of these facilities free of cost during the trade show days (July 2nd - 5th, 2024) from from 09:00 am to 07:30 pm.

Media Centre

A conveniently located Media Centre at HGH India will facilitate coverage of HGH India and its exhibitors by the national and international print and electronic media. Exhibitors can keep their Press kits and other Press information material/photographs, press invites in this Media Centre free of cost. It will help exhibitors connect with the trade and general media. If you wish to offer some special programs for Media at HGH India, please contact the Press Information Officer. To reserve an exclusive bin for your company at Media Centre free of cost, please fill online Order Form No. 09 latest by 22th June, 2024.

For any assistance, please contact:

Ms. Geetika Gulati
Mob.: +91 88 103 44632
Tel.: +91 (22) 6997 1122
Email.: media@hghindia.com

Medical Services (First Aid)

Giving due importance to health and safety of visitors and exhibitors, HGH India has made arrangements for first aid and primary medical facilities. This is marked “First Aid” and is located near visitor registration area in . Ambulance facility will be available at the venue at all times, including the set-up and trade show days (July 2nd - 5th, 2024). For any medical emergency, please contact the Doctor on Duty for any medical emergency, please contact:

Doctor on Duty,
Mob.: +91 8826104422

Parking (During Construction)

During the set up days on June 29th – July 1st, 2024 there are no parking restrictions for goods and personal vehicles inside Bombay Exhibition Centre,, as long as they are parked within the designated areas for Parking and Offloading for HGH India.

Parking (Exhibitors) during show days

During the trade show days, i.e. July 2nd – 5th, 2024 organisers will provide to each exhibitor one free parking inside Bombay Exhibition Centre. For this only the official Parking Sticker provided by the organisers must be pasted on the front glass of your vehicle. For additional parking, a Pay & Park facility is available at the venue.

Parking (Visitors)

Separate areas have been designated for Visitor's car parking within Bombay Exhibition Centre on Pay & Park basis. Entries to these areas is from Gate 1 & 2 of Bombay Exhibition Centre. This facility is directly managed by Bombay Exhibition Centre. Parking Charges for cars are `100/- per entry per day during the trade show visitor hours. Goods vehicles are not allowed to be parked in the Visitor Parking Area. No free parking for visitors will be possible Bombay Exhibition Centre.

Prayer Room

Prayer room has been created within the Hall 1 & Hall 3 premises for those exhibitors and visitors wishing to offer religious prayers during the trade show hours on July 2nd – 5th, 2024. . Exact location can be found by following signage or from information desks located in the halls.


During the set up period, from June 29th – 1th July, 2024 a functional cafeteria will be located inside or adjacent Hall 1 & Hall 3 as well as outside Hall 1 to facilitate food and beverages for exhibitors, contractors and their staff. This entire food service will be managed by Nesco Hospitality, a division of Bombay Exhibition Centre and no food purchased from outside the premises is allowed in the exhibition Centre as per Nesco rules.

Free drinking water will be provided by the organisers during the set-up days as well as trade show days to all exhibitors and visitors. Drinking water can also be bought from cafeteria and restaurants within Bombay Exhibition Centre.

On the trade show days from July 2nd – 5th, 2024, food courts, restaurants and cafeterias at multiple locations inside or adjacent to Hall 1, 2 and 3 and Bombay Exhibition Center Premises(Outside the halls) will be functional like FU, Dress Circle, Socials, Smoke House Deli and many more. An outdoor cafeteria will be functional at ORCHARD front of hall 1 entry (next to THE GRANDE). Exclusive lounges set up by the organizer for all exhibitors, trade visitors and VIPs will also provide hospitality and beverages.


A Stationary shop will be set-up inside the Business Centre near the Visitor Registration area in Hall 15 to facilitate buying of key office stationary items, which you may need on the last moment. This facility will be available from July 2nd – 5th, 2024.


Mumbai city offers a range of metered and radio taxi (Call-a-Taxi) services. The cheapest ones are yellow and black coloured taxies which can be hired on the streets all across Mumbai. You can also find silver and blue coloured Cool Cab on important street corners. Radio Taxies can be hired at domestic and international airports and Central railway stations where outstation trains terminate (CSMT, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra Terminus and Kurla Terminus etc.)

Ola and Uber, Mobile app based Taxi services, can be availed if you have their apps downloaded on your mobile phones.

Ola Cabs (App download): www.olacabs.com
Uber Cabs (App download): www.uber.com

Radio taxies can be booked from 24 hours to 1 hour in advance from any of the following service providers to pick you up round the clock from any point you want them to

Temporary Staff

HGH India has designated, an experienced and professional manpower agency specializing in trade show staffing to meet your needs of temporary staff like hosts, hostesses, supervisors, managers, interpreters, models etc. at your booth. Refer to below mentioned table for charges and contact details for temporary staff to assist you at your booth at HGH India 2024. You can place your orders online using Order Form No.7 - Temporary Staff latest by 8th June, 2024..

Charges for Temporary Staff
Type of Personnel Rates Per Day
Foreign languages to English / Hindi Interpreters Available on request depending on languages
Models (Female) 15,000
Hostess (Female) 3,500
Host (Male) 2,500
Anchors (Female) 15,000
Anchors (Male) 15,000
International (Hostess) 16,000
International Host 15,000
Jr. Helpers 1,500

Above charges are subject to change if you opt for managerial or multi-lingual staff. Facilities of interpreters and translators for international languages with English can also be availed. Prices for the same will be informed on request.

For any assistance, please contact:

Mr. Fateh Baig
HGH India Team
Mob.: + 91 99 676 09993
Tel.: +91 (22) 6997 1122
E-mail: exhibitorservices@hghindia.com

Travel Services

HGH India's official travel agent, Tamarind Global Services Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive range of travel services for the exhibitors and visitors. This includes domestic and international air tickets, car hire, hotel reservations and packaged tours to prime tourist destinations across India. They also offer short tour packages in and around Mumbai The travel agent can be reached through travel section of www.hghindia.com.

HGH India will also have a Travel Desk in Hall 1 managed by the official travel agent where exhibitors and visitors can avail of all travel related services from July 2nd – 5th, 2024..

In order to avoid last minute rush and inconvenience, it is advisable to book your hotels and make your other travel arrangements well in advance.

Trucks Entry & Exit into Halls

Exhibitors’ trucks with goods and display materials will be allowed entry from Gate No. 1 & 2 of Bombay Exhibition Center and must park in the designated Parking only. From there they will be guided into their zone by organizing team as per the schedule of their zone after completing the formalities after 8:00 am on 29th June, 2024. They should not drive into the hall directly, as it will not be permitted. For dismantling, exhibitors’ trucks will be allowed in the halls only after 09:00 pm on 5th July, 2024.

VIP Lounge

A VIP Lounge located in Hall 1. This Lounges will be accessible throughout the visiting hours of 15th HGH India, July 2024 only to HGH India Plus & VIP Lounge Card holders. Head of Exhibiting Company and VIP Buyers will be issued special VIP Lounge Access Cards in advance. VIP cards are strictly non-transferable and can be used only by the person in whose name they have been issued. Visitors or exhibitors not holding such a card, even if accompanied by another VIP card holder, will not be allowed entry in VIP lounge. Please co-operate and show your VIP card at VIP lounge entry on request to ensure unauthorized users do not crowd the area.

Visitor Lead Retrieval

In today’s competitive and tech savvy market, one should not miss on any business lead and capture every data of potential customer. To ensure that exhibitors at the trade show are able to capture the data of all visitors easily and conveniently and also store the same in their computers, HGH India is pleased to offer Lead Retrieval Facility to all its exhibitors at a nominal cost.

How does Lead Retrieval Work?
You can scan the QR code printed on the badge of the visitor coming on your booth through your mobile phone, if it has the QR code software provided by us downloaded on it.

By scanning the QR code on the badge, you will get the Visitor’s Name, Designation, Company Name and Mobile No. in your device, which are sufficient for you to take this lead further, even if the visitor does not have a business card to offer.

If you do not have a compatible mobile phone to download this software, you can rent out a ready mobile phone with the QR code app loaded on it and start using it straightway.

Lead Retrieval technology is offered to you by HGH India technology partner Tecogis with following 2 options.


QR code based - Lead retrieval through a downloadable application


QR code based - Lead retrieval through mobile application
For Android device 2,500 Charges include android handset on rent 6,000
For iOS device 2,500 Exclude Device Security Deposit (Refundable) 15,000

You can order this facility online using Order Form No. 10 - Visitor Lead Retrieval latest by 25th June, 2024.

Cancellation Terms: Partial or total cancellation of the above order can be made up to 22th June, 2024 without charge. Exhibitors will be liable for full payment of all orders thereafter and no refunds will be made.

For any assistance, please contact:
Mr. Nikhil Shinde

302/303, Mahalaxmi Industrial Estate,
D. P. Road, Gandhi Nagar,
Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 400 013
Mob.: +91 99 676 09993
Office Tel.: +91 (22) 4020 3665
E-mail: lr@tecogis.com