Booth Design & Construction Guidelines

Raw Booth

A. General Guidelines for all Exhibitors (Very Important: All exhibitors must read and follow them strictly)

  1. Exhibitors can appoint any booth designing and construction contractor, as long as it is empaneled with the organisers. If the exhibitor chooses a non-empaneled booth contractor, then, he will have to ensure that the said booth contractor gets empaneled with the organisers. Booth contractors will have to satisfactorily complete the prescribed documentation process and pay the non-refundable empanelment fee of Rs. 25,000/-, which must be paid compulsorily from the bank account of the booth contractor. Empanelment must be completed at least 30 days before the booth possession date.
  2. Exhibitor must also complete the Booth Design & Construction Registration Form in the prescribed format, giving details of the booth construction company and authority given to by the exhibitor to take possessions and sign documents/ undertakings on his behalf.
  3. Please note that one booth contractor is not allowed to undertake construction of more than 5 booths or 500 sq. mtr. area, whichever is lower. Exhibitors will be directly liable for the conduct and actions of their booth construction companies. Prescribed format for this is Booth Design & Construction Contractor’s Registration – Prescribed Form. Exhibitor has to compulsorily get design and technical layout of their proposed booth approved from the organizers before the due date 7th June, 2024. Following formalities must be completed by each exhibitor.
    1. Fill and submit duly signed prescribed Contractor Registration Form Booth Design & Construction Contractor’s Registration – Prescribed Form.
    2. Copy of GST certificate of the booth construction company must be submitted along with the above form.
    3. Submit the booth design & electrical layout for approval by uploading it on Booth Design Approval Form
    4. Submit methodology of booth construction & copies of all statutory permissions required to construct the proposed booth design.
    5. Submit duly signed exhibitor undertaking on your letterhead. Format for the same is available online click here
  4. Only the contractors registered by the exhibitors with the organisers will be allowed to undertake booth construction at the venue.
  5. All booth designs, whether to be constructed inside a built-up or raw booth space, must be submitted to the organisers for approval either directly by the exhibitors or by their registered contractor latest by 7th June, 2024.
  6. Along with the designs for approval, the contractors or the exhibitors on whose behalf they are working, are required to make a refundable deposit as under:
    1. Raw space booths up to 50 sq. Meters: 25,000/-
    2. Raw space booths above 50 sq. meters: 50,000/-
    This security deposit will be refunded after 30 days after completion of HGH India July 2024.
  7. This amount will be kept as a deposit against timely completion of the booths as per schedule and compensation against any damages caused to the venue, organisers’ property or other exhibitors’ property; violation of any rules during the construction and dismantling work. The deposit will be refunded after adjusting penalties or damages or excess electricity charges beyond ordered, if any.
  8. All contractors must obtain a "Certificate to Build" from the organisers, before they can start construction or booth display work at the venue. This certificate will be issued at Exhibitor Check-in Desk only on receipt of
    a) No Dues Certificate
    b) Approved booth design copy
    c) Electricity order form copy
    d) Exhibitor's Undertaking on company letterhead duly signed by the Authorised Signatory of the exhibiting company covering issues like balance payments, electricity, insurance, completion of booth and dismantling the prescribed format Exhibitor Undertaking.

    In order to avoid queues and delay in starting booth construction activities at the venue, exhibitors can comply with the above conditions well in time and obtain Certificate to Build from the organisers’ office by sending the above mentioned documents along with a request letter to issue this certificate much before reaching the venue on 29th June, 2024 for booth possession.
  9. All workmen and team members of your booth designers and contractors must wear Technicians badges, wrist band or IDs without which they will not be permitted to work at the premises. (Refer to Technician's badges, wrist band or IDs under Important Information)
  10. While planning and constructing your booth, respect your neighboring booths, which have common walls to yours. Do not create structures and designs, which obstruct your neighboring booths. Ensure that backside of your walls do not spoil their view or design.
  11. Ensure that during onsite construction activity of your booth, aisles and common areas are not encroached upon and are kept completely free of obstacles.
  12. Empty packages of your display materials or goods must be stored either in your own booth or in the area designated for empty packages by the organisers. Empty package storage facility by the organisers is usable solely at exhibitor's own risk. Exact location of this facility can be found from Exhibitors Service Desk at HGH India. Empty packages are not allowed to be stored in aisles or any common areas anywhere in the trade show. Any packages found in such areas will be removed and destroyed by the organisers and the cost for doing so will be recovered from the exhibitor concerned.
  13. You will be directly responsible for safety and conduct of all your workers. Besides, you have to ensure the safety of those working for other exhibitors, organisers and contractors while constructing your own booth and moving the goods, construction materials and equipment within the premises and the exhibition hall. Relevant insurance to cover any liability towards such workers must be obtained by you and / or your contractors.
  14. Insurance for exhibitor’s booth and materials during the construction and trade show period must be arranged by the exhibitors or their contractor. Organisers can facilitate such insurance through their insurance agent, if desired by you.
  15. Please ensure that your booth construction is completed within the stipulated time defined in the exhibitor manual. Organisers reserve the right to stop your booth construction work if the completion deadline is not adhered to by you. It is advisable that you take possession of your booth at the stipulated time and do not check in late.
  16. Do not use loud music, extra-large video screens, or any form of live shows or demonstration, which pilfers outside your booth in the aisles or disturbs other exhibitors or visitors in conduct of their business. Such objectionable and disturbing activities will be stopped instantly by the Organisers.
  17. Extra furniture & fittings: See under Order Form No. 06 - Additional Stand Fittings and Furniture / Display Systems

B. Additional Guidelines for Raw Space Booths

In addition to all General Guidelines for booth construction mentioned above, exhibitors with raw space must follow these additional guidelines:

  1. Exhibitors with raw space need to obtain a “Certificate to Build” before they start construction or product display work on site. This certificate will be issued by the Organisers only on completion of the following steps:
    • Receipt of 100% payment of booth charges and taxes.
    • Registration of the Contractor with the organisers.
    • Duly approved booth design in the format as stated in clause 1c. of General booth Construction Guidelines above.
    • Completed application for Electricity connection and consumption for set up and show days, along with full payment for the same.
    • Payment of deposit by the booth construction company as defined in clause 4 of General booth construction guidelines
  2. Only exhibitors having Certificate to Build will be given their requisitioned area duly marked on the floor of the hall with requisite electricity connection. Exhibitors will be provided temporary power connection during the set up period and permanent power connection as per your ordered requirement.
  3. Exhibitors with Raw Space will have to make their own arrangements to construct their booth in terms of walls, fascia, carpet, furniture, lights and utilities. Renting of construction materials, including lights, carpets, walls and furniture will not be possible for them from service providers of the organisers.
  4. An access must be given to any Fire Exit, Electrical box, Service room etc. on the pillar falling within the exhibitor’s booth. It is mandatory to leave minimum one opening in the partitions against the wall to provide access for electric maintenance, etc. When cladding (covering) the pillars any safety equipment should not be covered or obstructed in any way. However, you can cover up that opening with an accessibility by covering with fabric up to a height of 5.0 meters without any grouting or nailing or suspensions on the pillar, floor or causing damage of any nature to the structure of the exhibition hall.
  5. All booth materials, exhibits, branding panels and packing materials should be kept away from fire hydrant and other fire precaution equipment in the hall. Emergency Exits and aisles should always be kept free. Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers in the halls must not be obstructed or made unrecognizable or inaccessible
  6. All booth designs and drawings must be sent to the organisers latest by 7th June, 2024 for free technical approval. After this a fee of 25,000/- will be charged for technical approval of booth designs. Strictly, no "Certificate to build" will be issued if designs are not approved in the prescribed format of the organisers.
  7. Person seeking permission to build the booth should carry the Certificate to Build along with the Authority Letter from the exhibitor. Without these documents, Technicians ‘badge, wrist bands or ID's will not be issued and entry will not be allowed in the exhibition hall.
  8. Maximum height permissible for construction in raw space is 5 meters (16 feet) from ground. However, if the height of your booth wall is raised beyond 2.5 meters (8 feet) or beyond the height of walls created by your neighboring exhibitors on any side, you must finish the backside of such walls essentially with laminated panels/wallpaper with any neutral color (White/Light Grey/black) which blends with the decor of the neighboring booth. Flex or fabric finishing of your back wall is strictly not allowed. You are not allowed to put your company name or logo on such back walls. You must not put your name/logo in a manner in which it apparently looks like part of your neighbor’s booth. If exhibitor fails to adhere to these norms, organisers reserve the right to have these finished by their team, entirely at the cost of the exhibitors.
  9. Every exhibitor must allow the booth no. signage prepared by the organisers at the designated space on their booth. They are not allowed to remove or move the location of this booth no. signage, which must be visible to all visitors, walking through the aisles.
  10. Organisers support and promote environment and eco-friendly construction activities to minimize air and noise pollution. Hence, basic carpentry, painting and polish work is not allowed on site. All components of your booth must be produced in your contractor's workshop. Only such pre- fabricated modular components are allowed to be assembled and finished at the venue to minimize carpentry, polishing, painting etc. which cause noise, air pollution and inconvenience to other exhibitors. Excessive construction work causing major inconvenience to other exhibitors on site may not be allowed by the organisers.
  11. Metal Welding on site is prohibited. Spray Painting on site is also prohibited.
  12. Due to safety reasons, only the official electrical contractor is allowed to do overall distribution of power. All contractor designing & constructing booth for exhibitors at HGH India must have licensed electrical contractor present at the booth they are constructing, throughout the construction phase.
  13. Entire electrical power consumption requirement for your booth along with the payment must be sent to the HGH India Project Team latest by 7th June, 2024. This should include your online application for power consumption along with the required payment, as per rates mentioned in Order Form No.8 – Electricity Connection. Power connection for construction and exhibition periods will be provided by HGH India in accordance with such application only.
  14. You must provide entries to your booth from all open sides (one or two or three sides as the case may be, as per your booking). Minimum opening on each open side should be 2.5 feet wide and 7 feet in height. This is required from emergency evacuation and safety perspective. Booths larger than 150 sq. mtr. or longer than 20 mtr must have at least two independent entrances and exit, preferably located on two separate sides by clearly marking of entrance and exit.
  15. All booths which are designed with a raised platform must compulsorily provide at least one-meter wide access ramp at least on one side of the booth, within the periphery of the booth; for physically challenged persons and persons with special needs to enter the booth on wheelchair. Such access ramp must be clearly shown in the booth design at the time of submission, without which booth design will not be approved. This is as per the new Government norm.
  16. The Exhibitor must apply for approval for any mezzanine construction from the organizer, at least 2 months before the move-in day. The construction of the mezzanine booth shall be allowed only after the submission of a structural and fire safety certificate from a registered structural engineer and an indemnity bond discharging the organizers of any liability or responsibility in the unlikely event of any mishap caused due to poor design / workmanship of such structure. Organizer reserves the right to prohibit access to the booth if any safety guidelines are not observed and if approvals are not taken.
  17. In case you wish to build a mezzanine floor in your booth, the minimum booth size should be of 100 sq. meters, maximum area that can be covered by the mezzanine floor is up to 50% of the total booth area. For double decked booth, exhibitor needs to pay 33% of the space rental cost of the area covered by such mezzanine floor. The design along with structural engineering plan must be certified by a qualified architect firm and all necessary Government permissions must be taken by the exhibitor. Copies of the same must be submitted to the organiser along with the design. Then only will the design be approved by the organisers.
  18. If you are creating bar or food service in your booth, no cooking on live fire and excessive use of water is permitted. Better would be to restrict your service to dry snacks and packaged food. Bombay Exhibition Centre has made it mandatory to source all supply of food and catering within the entire premises through their food and hospitality division. Exhibitors are requested to follow all rules in this regard to avoid later inconvenience by the venue providers.
    For supply of food you can contact - Ms. Busra Kalimi on Mobile No : +91 95617 21912
  19. All construction materials used should be modular, fire proof and stain proof.
  20. Do not use paints and materials which come off with human touch. Spray painting at the venue is prohibited. Booth construction elements should be pre-painted in your contractor's workshop before bringing to the venue.
  21. All booth walls, furniture, lights, exhibits, merchandise and fittings etc. should be free standing or mounted on the booth walls. No drilling or construction work on the hall floor is permitted and such damages, if caused, will be recovered from the exhibitors along with penalties.
  22. During booth construction activities, all your material should be kept in the designated area of your own booth. Walking aisles should be left free. Safety should be your foremost concern at all times.

C. Electrical Guidelines

In addition to all General Guidelines for booth construction mentioned above, exhibitors with Built-up booths must follow these additional electrical guidelines:

  1. The booth contractors undertaking lighting work shall possess valid electrical license, which is subject to inspection by the organiser.
  2. The load ≤ 4 kW shall be fed through single phase electrical supply at 230V AC ± 6 % and load >4kW shall be fed through 3 Phase electrical Supply at 415V AC ± 6 % The supply Frequency will be 50Hz ± 3%.
  3. The exhibitor requiring supply at voltage level other than above shall make necessary arrangement for the level matching equipment such as transformer, voltage stabilizer, inverter etc. to match the supply voltage level to their load.
  4. For entire booth lighting the contractors shall use BIS marked PVC insulated 650/1100 V copper conductor wire.
  5. All switch boards shall conform to BIS & to Indian Electricity Act (amended).
  6. For lighting circuit, the minimum wire size shall be 1.5/2.5 PVC insulated 650V grade FRLS copper wire. For 16A power point, the minimum wire size shall be PVC insulated 650V grade FRLS copper wire. The IR value of cable used shall not be less than 1MΩ when measured with 500V DC megger.
  7. The contractor shall lay main earth wire of size not less than phase wire for their booth from point of supply (MCB Box) conforming to IS: 3043-1987. The earth wires shall be connected to the main earth firmly. The voltage between neutral & earth shall not exceed 10V.
  8. It is mandatory to use only reputed make wires like Polycab, KEI, Anchor etc and MCB/RCCB like Legrand, Siemens, ABB, Schneider for the electrical installation.
  9. Wherever 3 phase connection is requested, the load shall be evenly distributed on all three phase.
  10. In case any material used by the contractor is found to be of inferior or sub-standard quality, the contractor shall be responsible for replacing the same without any loss of time as per the quality mutually agreed and mentioned above.
  11. Exhibitor shall ensure that, the contractor shall carry out all electrical works in the booth area as per Indian Electricity rules 2005
  12. It is recommended to make use of low loss/ low heating choke manufactured as per IS and of reputed makes like Philips, Crompton, Bajaj, Wipro or equivalent.
  13. The contractor shall control maximum 8 lights or 800Watts from single point.
  14. Joint to the wires in any place is unacceptable. However, good quality connectors of adequate rating properly covered can be used.
  15. Use of 3-pin top / industrial top shall be made to take supply from sockets. It is strictly prohibited to insert wires directly into socket for drawing supply.
  16. Exhibitors must install separate and independent MCBs/MCCBs/RCCB of appropriate rating for their individual machines.
  17. Exhibitors requesting for 3-phase supply shall draw single phase power for lighting purpose from 3-phase supply outlet using double pole MCBs. The double pole MCB/RCCB shall be arranged by the exhibitor.
  18. The electrical supply will be released only after completion of wiring work conforming to the Indian standards & codes of wiring and to the satisfaction of Electrical consultant.
  19. Exhibitors may contact the Electrical Consultant at venue office for any technical queries.
  20. It is recommended that exhibitor uses official Electrical Contractor to avoid any dispute arising in consumption on account of wiring/ loading etc.