Important Information

Contractors’ Badges

All contractors, technicians and service providers engaged by the exhibitors are required to compulsorily wear Technician identity in form of badge or a wrist band provided by the organisers, during the construction and dismantling periods. Badges or Wrist bands will be issued to the exhibitors or their contractors with authority letter from the exhibitors, while taking the possession of their booth on a nominal charge of 20/-. These wrist bands will allow them entry throughout the set up timings on the pre-show days (June 29th - 1st July, 2024) and for dismantling after 06:00 pm on 05th July, 2024.


Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle their booth or remove their exhibits before 05:00 pm on 05th July, 2024, i.e. till the closing time on the last day of HGH India July 2024. However, they must pack their exhibits, dismantle their booths and remove them from the trade show premises by 02:00 am on 06th July, 2024. . Entry of trucks in the halls will be allowed only after 09:00 pm on 05th July. Penalty of 10,000/- per hour will be levied on exhibitors who fail to remove their goods and booth as per above schedule.

Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitors will be provided their free photo badges at the Exhibitor Check-in Desk. Number of badges will be in accordance with the size of your booth. Entry during exhibitor timings will strictly be restricted to exhibitors wearing these badges. Additional and duplicate exhibitor badges, beyond your prescribed numbers will strictly be issued on payment basis. The rates for additional exhibitor badges will be 250/- per badge if pre ordered online before show days. However, the rates for additional badges at the venue during pre-show & show days will be 1500/-.

You can find your eligibility for number of exhibitor badges as per your booth size from the list in Annexure 2 on page no. 39. You must fill Order Form No. 02 - Exhibitor Badges with name, designation and passport size colored photograph of each individual for whom badges are required, latest by 11th June, 2024 to enable us issue the badges in time. Please note that online form of Exhibitor Badges will not be complete without entering of all three mandatory fields, i.e. name, designation and uploading photograph of the person in proper file size and format mentioned on the form.

Any misuse of exhibitor badge by allowing it to be used by another person whether visitor or exhibitor is strictly prohibited and will result in confiscation of the badge by the security.

Booth Area sq.meters Free Maximum No. of Exhibitor Badges Maximum No. of Exhibitor Badges at Chargeable Basis
9 - 12 3 3
13 - 24 5 5
25 - 36 7 7
37 - 54 9 9
55 - 75 11 11
76 - 100 13 13
101 - 125 15 15
126 - 150 17 17
151 - 200 19 19
Above 200 25 25

  • For Exhibitor badges, you need to provide name, designation, mobile, email id and uploading passport size image of every personnel for whom the exhibitor badge needs to be issued. If any of these above mentioned information is not completed online, the order form will not be proceed and exhibitor badges will not be issued.
  • Additional exhibitor badges can be obtained by ordering the same online only by using Order Form No. 02 - Exhibitor Badges after paying the applicable charges.
  • Booth Contractors & their staff/technicians must wear Technician badge, wrist band or ID provided by the organisers, without which they will not be permitted to work. Booth contractors must buy each wrist band @ 20/- from Exhibitor Services Desk.

For any assistance, please contact
Mr. Fateh Baig
HGH India Team
Mob: +91 99 676 09993
Tel.: +91 (22) 6997 1122

Exhibitor Check-in Process

Representative of the exhibitor seeking booth possession must bring an authority letter on the exhibiting company’s letterhead in original, duly stamped and signed by the authorized signatory. Please note that exhibitor’s representative will not be given possession of the booth without this letter.

Exhibitors should take possession of their booths as per schedule mentioned on Exhibitor Timing of this manual. Exhibitor Check-in Kits will be handed over to you. The kit will consist of Exhibitor Badges, Exhibitor Exit Gate Pass Form, list of general facilities and important telephone numbers. It will help you access various services and support at the venue and make your participation more convenient.

Exhibitor Check-in Process:

STEP 1: Payments

Kindly check, if the following payments are fully cleared.
  1. Space Rental
  2. Electricity Connection & Consumption Charges
  3. Security Deposit for Booth Construction
  4. All other additional services ordered in Online Exhibitor Manual.

If payments are clear, kindly proceed to booth Possession Desk.
If any of above payments are outstanding, kindly clear the dues at Accounts Desk. Payment can be made by Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card & UPI

STEP 2 : Booth Possession

Booth Possession will be given to only to the exhibitors with following documents:
  1. Exhibitor’s Representative with valid ID proof
  2. Booth Contractor with Exhibitor’s Authority Letter and Undertaking as per format in the Exhibitor Manual
  3. Printed copy of booth design approved by the organisers in A4 size
  4. Only Registered booth contractors who have paid security deposit as per our record will be given booth possession.
  5. Unregistered Booth Contractors must first complete the Empanelment process and by paying empanelment fees as applicable and register themselves. They also have to pay Security Deposit & Electrical charges at Accounts Desk.

Exhibitors who have still not submitted booth design for technical approval, can do so here by making a payment of 25,000/- at Accounts Desk and take that Receipt to Technical Approvals Desk. You need to Submit printed copies of booth design in A4 or A3 size with all details like layout, elevation and electricity plan.

STEP 3: Certificate to Build

  1. Please collect your ‘Certificate to Build’ from Exhibitor Check-in Desk.
  2. Submit names of the construction team members to get Wrist Bands by paying 20/- per Wrist Band.
  3. Construction personnel spotted without Wrist Band in the Halls, will be immediately removed by the security.

STEP 4: Exhibitor Kits

  1. Exhibitor kit will be handed over only to the Authorized Representative of the Exhibitor and not to the booth contractors.
  2. At presenting exhibitor credentials, the exhibitor can collect Exhibitor Kit from Check-in Desk which includes Welcome Letter, Exhibitor Badges and Useful phone numbers.

Exhibitor Check-out

Exhibitors must submit to the Exhibitor check-out desk duly filled Exhibitor Exit Gate Pass with details of goods they wish to remove from the trade show premises. Printed Exhibitors Exit Gate Pass with 4 copies is provided in the Exhibitor kit. Format for the same can be downloaded from Exhibitor Exit Gate Pass Exhibitor and can also be seen on page no.67 of this manual. You should get this form duly authorized in quadruplicate from the Hall inspector at the Exhibitor Check-out Desk located near Visitor Registration area after 05:00 pm on 05th July, 2024. . Security of Bombay Exhibition Centre will allow the exit of your goods only on presentation of original copy of duly authorized Exhibitors Exit Gate Pass by the organisers.

Exhibitor Exit Gate Pass

Exhibitor should clear all dues at Exhibitors’ Service Desk before submitting the Exhibitors Exit Gate Pass at Exhibitor Check-out Desk, which is available at Exhibitors Exit Gate Pass. A separate gate pass is required for each truck, which should be duly filled and quadruplicated with details of goods you wish to move out from trade show premises. All copies of Exit Gate Pass should be signed by authorised signatory with company seal of the exhibitor. The Exit Gate pass is authorised at the check-out desk after 4:30 pm on 05th July, 2024. (Near registration area in hall 1, hall 3 & hall 4).

Format for the same can be downloaded from Exhibitors Exit Gate Pass

Exhibitors’ Display Materials entry

All Exhibitors goods vehicles should enter Bombay Exhibition Centre from Gate No. 1 & 2 . and reach to the parking lot near gate 1. They should contact the help desk in the parking lot itself for further directions for moving in the hall. All exhibition material must be moved inside Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3 & Hall 4 from cargo gates of the respective halls and not from the visitor entry gates.

Exhibitors' Promotions at the venue

Exhibitors can distribute printed promotional materials, samples, gifts, giveaways etc. from within their own booth. However, no such distribution/promotion is allowed from anywhere in the exhibition hall outside the booth area of the exhibitor or from any other common areas within or near the trade show premises except from the authorized and pre-designated distribution points for which the exhibitors must obtain permission in writing from the organisers. Any unauthorized distribution of promotional material inside the hall or in the venue will not be permitted. Any such unauthorized material found in the trade show premises will be removed and a penalty of 75,000/-will be levied on the exhibitor concerned.

No banners, posters etc. will be allowed near the main gates of the hall or Bombay Exhibition Center They are also not allowed on the road in the vicinity of the trade show premises unless such facilities are, hired from regular service providers authorized by Bombay Municipal Corporation This is an offence and can attract penalty of up to 50 000/- per hoarding, banner, poster, etc.

Extra Fittings, Furniture & Utilities

Exhibitors can order online extra fittings, furniture and utilities as per Annexure 3 on page no. 40 by using Order Form NO. 06 - Additional Stand Fittings and Furniture / Display Systems latest by 12th june, 2024. After this date and at the venue these will be provided at extra charges and that too subject to availability.


Fascia will be provided by the organisers only on Built-up booth. Raw space exhibitors need to create their own fascia. However, all booths under raw space or Built-up must have booth numbers, provided by the organisers, displayed clearly. Alterations in fascia on site will be done on chargeable basis and subject to availability of time. Fascia Name must begin with Full Company Name; Brand Name can be put after company name or in Bracket. Use Online Order Form No. 1 - Fascia to submit content for fascia latest by 1st June, 2024.

Fire Regulations

In common interest co-operation of exhibitors is solicited to prevent fire. All aisles and common areas must be kept free of obstacles at all times. Furniture, merchandise and display materials must be contained strictly within the exhibitor's booth area and should not protrude into aisles or in the neighboring booths. No reusable or discarded packages, display or packaging material should be kept in any common areas or near barricaded pillars. All electrical supplies, distribution, installations, wiring and installation of equipment must be carried out strictly by the organisers’ authorized electrical contractor only. Prior written permission must be obtained for every electrical appliance or gadget consuming more than 500 watts of power. Storage/use of inflammable items is strictly prohibited anywhere in the entire trade show premises. Exhibitors are requested to refrain from smoking in the hall, their booths or in the common areas of HGH India. In case of emergency, fire marshals and fire brigade is available at the premises of HGH India in the services area of Hall 1 & Hall 2..

For any emergency, please contact:
Mr. Sanjeev Kannan,
Mob: +91 98332 00500.


GST as applicable on various services listed in this manual will be charged extra as prescribed by the Government. Please note that if Government makes any changes in GST tax rates and tax laws effective, then all the exhibitors will be liable to pay taxes & comply with new laws announced under GST regime.

Hall Manager

In order to assist the exhibitors, HGH India has made special provision for Hall inspectors who will be present inside the halls near Exhibitor Services Desk in Visitor Registration area. Hall inspectors present during the trade show will be in-charge of exit pass, housekeeping, hall infrastructure, security, etc. For all kinds of emergency, hall inspectors can be contacted. Hall inspectors will provide all the necessary information to the exhibitors regarding 15th HGH India 2024.

Housekeeping (Cleaning)

Organisers will undertake regular cleaning of aisles, common areas and general facilities during the setup and trade show period. For exhibitors' booths cleaning facility will be provided once at the beginning of the trade show at 06:00 am on 29th July, 2024..

After this, exhibitors have to take care of the cleaning of their own booths. Due to Security reasons, only official cleaning service providers can be hired for this purpose. If you wish to hire the services of the official cleaning service providers, please order the same by using Order Form No. 05 - Housekeeping latest by 12th June, 2024.


Even though HGH India has been covered as a trade show under general insurance, this does not include the individual booths and merchandise of the individual exhibitors. It also does not cover liabilities of exhibitor's or their contractors 'employees. Exhibitors are advised to take adequate steps to insure their booth, exhibits and personnel at their own initiative and cost, if they so desire. Organisers can help you connect with the insurance company and insurance agent in this regard.

Inviting your customers

The organisers do put in various efforts to ensure presence of high quality trade visitors at HGH India. Exhibitors may, however, wish to invite their current and potential customers to their booth, to showcase innovations and latest product range.

For this purpose, the organisers provide to every exhibitor special HGH India e-invitation cards with its brand logo and product pictures.

You have to send these cards to your important customers immediately on receipt. Please inform them to pre-register online free of charge on our website latest by 20th June, 2024. They should click on “Visitor Registration” tab and follow further instructions online. Please note, it will not be possible to bring this invitation card to the venue to get free entry. All visitors not pre-registered online will have to pay Spot Visitor Registration charges of 1,000/- at the venue. Please advise your customers to save their time and money by pre-registering , since there will be separate queues for pre-registered visitors, where they will be able to just scan their QR code or enter their Registration No. and print their badge quickly.

If you send your own invitation cards to your customers, such cards will not entitle them for a free entry to HGH India. All visitors carrying such cards will still have to register at the Visitor Registration by paying appropriate charges.

Please note that only trade visitors invited by the exhibitors and organisers who have pre-registered online or those holding valid identity as Business Visitor and do Spot Registration with payment, will be allowed entry in HGH India. Entry for general public and consumers is strictly prohibited. Children below the age of 15 years are not allowed, even when accompanied by trade visitors or exhibitors.

Promotions around venue

No unauthorized promotion through hoardings, bill boards, pamphlets, moving vehicles or any other medium by non-exhibitors is permitted inside or directly in front of Bombay Exhibition Centre. Legal action will be taken against non-exhibitors undertaking such activities during the trade show days, as mentioned above.

Logistics & Freight

Services of official freight forwarding company, R. E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd.are available for transporting and handling your domestic and international cargo. Their services will also be available at the venue for unloading and forwarding the packages to your booth. Charges for such services are mentioned under freight forwarding section in Annexure 7 on page no. 59. You can find more information from Mr. Damodar Shenoy, +91 99 201 08787 Mr. Dinesh Tambe, +91 98 333 89595

For further assistance, please contact:

R. E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Damodar Shenoy, +91 99 201 08787
Mr. Dinesh Tambe, +91 98 333 89595
510 / 511, Midas, Sahar Plaza Complex, M. V. Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400 059, India,
Tel: +91(22) 2820 3845 +91 (22) 3088 0309 Direct: +91(22) 3088 0315


Still or video photography through any kind of cameras, mobile phones or tablets or any other means is strictly prohibited at HGH India by visitors as well as exhibitors. Exhibitors are permitted to take pictures of their own booths, with a clear understanding that they are not covering their neighbouring booths in the pictures.

Special permission will be granted to Authorized Photography team commissioned by the organisers and Media, who will be given a special identity badge for photography. Exhibitors should allow photography of their booth to these authorized photographers. No free photographs will be provided by the organisers to the exhibitors. ln case the exhibitors wish to hire the services of authorized photographer of the organisers.

For any assistance, please Contact:

Mr. Shikhar Jogani
HGH India Team
Mobile: + 91 88 797 11686
Tele: +91 (22) 69971122

Left Luggage

For the convenience of visitors and exhibitors, HGH India has created Left luggage facilities near the Visitor Registration in Hall 1 & Hall 3 Visitors and exhibitors can avail of these facilities free of cost during the trade show days (July 04-07,2024) from 09:00 am to 07:30 pm.

Service Badges

For entry to the trade show during the trade show hours, Service providers to the exhibitors must wear Services Badges which will be issued on area basis. You can find your maximum eligibility for number of free Service badges as per your booth size from the list in Annexure 2 on page no. 39. . Additional Service Badges can be ordered online by using Online Order Form No. 3 - Service Badges, latest by 20th June, 2024. The rates for additional technician badges will be 250/- per badge if pre ordered online before show days. However, the rates for additional badges at the venue during pre-show & show days will be 1500/-.

During the show days, i.e. July 02-05, 2024, entry with Service Badges will be permitted with a limited purpose of providing the designated service to the exhibitor and his booth within the designated area. Prior written permission from the organisers will be required for carrying out any minor alterations/repairs to their booth between 08:00 am - 09:00 am and 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm. Other than these timings service providers cannot carry out any repair or modification work in any booth. No service provider of the individual exhibitors will be allowed entry without a Service badge at any time.

Booth Area sq.meters Free Maximum No. of Service Badges Maximum No. of Service Badges at Chargeable Basis
9 - 12 2 2
13 - 24 4 4
25 - 36 6 6
37-54 8 8
55 - 75 10 10
76 - 100 12 12
101 - 125 14 14
126 - 150 16 16
151 - 200 18 18
Above 200 24 24


  1. For Service badges, you need to provide name, designation, mobile and email of every personnel for whom Service badges are to be issued. Online Service badges Form will not be complete if any of the above details are not entered. Contractors must carry exhibitor's authority letter, along with the order form, in order to receive these badges.
  2. Additional badges can be obtained by ordering the same online only by using Order Form No. 3 - Service Badges after paying the applicable charges. Additional and duplicate exhibitor badges, beyond your prescribed numbers will strictly be issued on payment basis.
  3. Booth Contractors & their staff/technicians must wear Technician badge, wrist band or ID provided by the organisers, without which they will not be permitted to work. Booth contractors must buy each wrist band @ 20/- from Exhibitor Services Desk.

For any assistance, please contact:
Tecogis Team
Tel.: +91 (22) 4020 3666


Round the clock security arrangements have been made at 15th HGH India 2024. However, exhibitors are requested to cover their merchandise and preferably also block the entrance to their stands by using temporary curtains, rope barriers or furniture before closing their booth every day.

Also it would be in the interest of the exhibitor not to arrive late or leave early. Packages/merchandise should not be left unattended in passage or any other common area. For security reasons unattended packages / objects are liable to be removed instantly. Extra caution should be exercised by exhibitors during loading, unloading, transporting and storing/ stacking their materials, merchandise or any other goods. Exhibitors are requested to help the organisers by being vigilant in and around their stand and by reporting unusual occurrences / movements to the organiser's office promptly.